Customer-Centered Sales: Helping vs Selling | IT Channel

Posted by Tyler Wantulok on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 02:19 PM

The IT channel on the whole creates a ton of literature on offerings.  How many times have you heard a salesman or executive say, "I need that sales collateral."  All the time.  

But why?  Because this is how it's always been.  It is how things are sold, especially technology.  Features are listed and the customer is left to draw the connection (or perhaps assisted) of how the new offering will benefit them.  The white sheet is all about you; your company, products, and services.  

Stop it.  Stop selling.  And start helping.  

The future is customer-centric sales and marketing and it begins with taking the focus away from selling and putting it on helping.  Helping is listening to what a customer needs, what problems they have, what costs too much, etc.  In essence, helping is actively changing your perspective from your own to that of your customer.  

Helping is customer-centric.  Selling is product-centric.   Change the focus, re-start the conversation, and you will always have a conversation that matters to them, every time.

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